The Blue Ghost Tunnel: Making of a Legend The Lost Tunnel and Human Remains

The Lost Tunnel & Human Remains

In 2010 paranormal enthusiast Dave Willson, who had previously documented his visits to the tunnel on his web page, posted that he accidentally stumbled upon another tunnel near the Blue Ghost Tunnel. Those interested in the history and the paranormal aspect of the area quickly dismissed the contention that this new tunnel, dubbed the “Lost Tunnel”, was anywhere near the Blue Ghost Tunnel. In fact, this new tunnel is in Ancaster, Ontario and it is called the Tiffany Tunnel.

However, Dave entertained those who were gullible enough to believe that seemingly a decade after Russ' “discovery” of the Blue Ghost Tunnel, another haunted tunnel was discovered just steps from the original. For those looking for additional information on the Blue Ghost Tunnel and area, this new myth clouds their research and gives those who mock the paranormal community additional fodder.

That same year Niagara-area resident Linda Randall who began blogging about everything from new French fashion designs to Justin Beiber found a topic she was attracted to. As a self-proclaimed psychic-investigator she began to visit The Blue Ghost Tunnel and the surrounding area. Linda claimed to have found human remains at the Lakeview Cemetery, but was quickly dismissed after it was discovered she had only found the bones of an animal. She visited the tunnel and area frequently and blogged about her experiences, coming to the conclusion, allegedly through psychic encounters, that the tunnel is in fact haunted and that she had discovered its source.

According to Linda Randall, the tunnel is haunted by a protective spirit who wishes to warn people about the dangers of the tunnel and the canal. The spirit is said to be that of George Keefer, a Thorold resident who owned and operated local mills and had a large interest in the development of the earlier canals.
Others are less convinced that George Keefer would be hanging out as a spirit in an abandoned tunnel he was not connected with, warning teenagers of danger. 


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